Wellbalanced - falls prevention programme

Course for the over 65s or those concerned about their balance.

With the help of qualified, specialist instructors, the ‘Wellbalanced’ programme is an evidence-based intervention designed to reduce risk of falling. ‘Wellbalanced’ is designed to help prevent falls and keep people moving as they enter later life.

Your client or patient should be referred to the course if they need assistance in the following areas:

  • Improving their strength and stability.
  • Building their confidence.
  • Learning what to do if they have a fall. If your patient is worried about falling so they have to take extra care but they have not had several falls.

All participants will undertake functional assessments prior to and on completion of the course and may be referred on to a maintenance class at the start of the programme and also on completion, the next steps will then be discussed with you or the client.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email our secure email address or call us on 01293 585352. 

For more guidance on Falls Prevention, visit  our Falls prevention page.

If you have a client or patient who is vulnerable in their own home and would benefit from a 24hr link to people that could support them in the event of a fall or problem, please view details of the Crawley Lifeline Scheme.

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